Breast Lift with Implants Before and After Photos

A simultaneous breast lift and implant augmentation are intended for the patients who require correction of breast sagging but also desire an increase in breast mound size. The lift technique utilized to achieve a breast lift alone is quite different from the lift procedure requiring simultaneous implant placement. This is because the traditional lift procedure will not preserve adequate blood flow to the nipple and areola complex with the added dissection required for implant insertion. Instead, modified breast lift procedures have been developed to allow for a simultaneous breast lift and implant augmentation procedure yet allowing for blood flow preservation to the nipple.

Specifically, Dr. Mowlavi advocates the preferred use of the vertical mastopexy that will:

1) optimally lift the nipple-areola complex

2) ideally shape your breast mound

3) provide proper blood flow to the nipple-areola complex.

In addition, the vertical mastopexy will allow for an aesthetically pleasing nipple and areola complex shape and avoid unnecessary peri-areolar scarring associated with less optimal lift technique such as the periareolar lift (popularized as the donut mastopexy). In order to appreciate the improvement that you can achieve with a simultaneous vertical mastopexy and implant augmentation, please see various before and after results below and make a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi!

Breast Lift with Implants Before and After Photos

45 year old female 2 months following breast lift surgery and simultaneous breast augmentation with 250 cc saline implants. Patient now enjoys improved breast mound shape and nipple areola positioning.

40 year old female 2 months follow breast lift surgery and breast augmentation with 250cc silicone implants. Patient has noticed compliments from her friends regarding her breast appearance and enjoys non-drooping nipple areola positioning and improved upper pole fullness.

41 year old African American female 2 months following bilateral breast lift and augmentation surgery with 360cc silicone gel implants that have transformed her breasts with appropriate nipple areola positioning, significant increase in her breast volume and breast mound fullness.

27 year old female following breast lift with implantation of 270 cc moderate plus profile silicone implants.

29 year old female 3 months following bilateral breast lift with augmentation with 270cc implant on the left and 240 cc implant on the right to correct moderate nipple areola sagging and asymmetry. Patient has noted improved fitting into her bras and improved breast to tummy proportion.

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