Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos are the best way to see your surgeon’s work and how you may look with breast implants.

Breast augmentation involves the placement of a breast implant to increase the overall size of the breast mound in order to improve breast and body contour harmony. Achieving consistently superior results requires careful choice of implant style and size.

Breast augmentation before and after photos – What to look for?

Breast augmentation before and after photos should be evaluated for several factors. The first is to recognize that breast mounds should not be considered twins and rather sisters. Regardless, we want the two breasts to be as symmetric as possible. As such if there are any asymmetries preoperatively, all attempts should be made to increase the symmetry. With regards to breast shape, The breast mound should be as round as possible. Furthermore, the nipples should be centered on the breast mound. This is accomplished by positioning the breast implant so that it is centered on the nipple and areola. Sometimes the lower breast pole may be longer than desirable. In this situation, the lower breast pole should be tucked to avoid bottoming out. In other situations, the chosen implant may be too large to be accommodated by the breast and nipple position. In these situations, the patient should consider a breast lift or otherwise, the breast mound will be superiorly malpositioned with a high positioned implant and a nipple that points down. So when you are looking for what to look for regarding breast augmentation results, you should observe smooth and rounded breast contours with nipples that are centered on the newly created breast mound. You should also look for improved symmetry of breasts and overall breast sizes that are proportionate and harmonious with the rest of the body.

Three Considerations for Choosing the Ideal Implant

  1. The breast implant should sit on the inframammary crease. This is the crease that divides your breasts from your belly that actually supports the implant so that it does not fall down into your belly (called bottoming out). This is why the inframammary crease should never be released or violated. Once released, you will require a lifetime of breast augmentation revision surgeries to correct deformities such as malposition, double bubble, and/or bottoming out.
  2. The breast implant should be centered on your nipple and areola. If you consider factors 1 and 2 and think back to the geometry of a circle you will realize that the ideal implant must maintain a radius that equals your nipple to inframammary crease distance!
  3. Determining ideal implant size and style is dependent on the radius of your implant matching your inframammary crease to nipple position. What determines the ideal breast implant style is identifying the augmented volume desired and then matching the implant style that will give you the volume desired yet maintain the implant radius constraints as determined above. By utilizing the entire spectrum of implant styles and sizes, the ideal implant that achieves your augmentation goals yet fits your breasts like a custom fit shoe is possible.

We recommend you review the breast augmentation before and after results to appreciate what a breast augmentation can achieve for you. A consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will allow you to find your ideal customized breast implant.

After you review his Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos – take time to meet the Doctor and learn more.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

31 year old female 3 months following bilateral breast augmentation surgery with 339 cc silion implants to increase her bra size from a B to C cup.

36 year old female is 3 months following mommy makeover which included bilateral breast augmentation using 375 cc high profile gel implants and full tummy tuck with muscle placation and biologic mesh graft. Patient demonstrates significant improvement in her silhouette with improved medial breast fullness, improved breast projection, and elimination of postpartum pregnancy changes.

35 year old female 3 months status post bilateral breast augmentation using 421 cc gel implants place in a submuscular position using inframammary crease approach. Patient demonstrates improved breast appearance with increased cup size from B to a D.

35 year old female is 3 months following a customized mommy make-over which included breast augmentation using an infra-mammy crease approach with high profile smooth 300cc silicone gel implants placed in subpectoral pockets to give her C Cup bra size as well as complex ventral hernia repair using component separation, biologic mesh onlay, and tummy tuck surgery. Patient had developed large abdominal hernia following multiple pregnancies that required more complex abdominal reconstruction.

35 year old female is 2 months following mommy make over which included bilateral breast augmentation and liposuction of her abdomen and flanks as well as mini tummy tuck procedure. Patient has improved breast fullness that deflated following breast feeding as well as reversing of pregnancy related changes that were not reversible with exercise.

23 year old female  following bilateral breast augmentation with high profile 400cc smooth gel implants to correct loss in breast volume after breast feeding.

27-year-old female 4 months following breast augmentation with 300cc saline implants.
The patient has observed improved fullness of the breast and increased medial breast cleavage which she lacked prior to surgery.

Book a Consultation to Discuss Your Breast Augmentation

Every woman is different and every surgery is unique. A superior surgical plan must take that into account. To understand your surgery and its cost you need to book a consultation.

When Dr. Mowlavi meets with you to learn about your needs, he’ll explain his propriety technique that ensures you get the best possible result. Once he knows your precise surgical needs and which implants are perfect for you, he can determine the cost of your procedure and give you a quote.

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