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A 32 year old female one month following a lateral breast lift.

Breast lift surgery is generally recommended for patients who have adequate volume (fullness) but whose breasts have dropped due to aging, pregnancy or breast feeding. As the breasts naturally age there is a tendency for the breast mound and nipple to droop. Minimal sagging of the breast tissues may look natural and aesthetically pleasing; however, when the breast and nipple fall below the inframammary crease (the natural junction between the breast and tummy) then the beauty of the breast shape can be compromised. A lift can reverse these undesirable changes, including:

  • drooping of the breast mound that now rests on your tummy.
  • sagging of the nipple and areola such that they point at your feet.
  • lateralization of the breast mound resulting in a tilting of the breast mounds into the armpits with simultaneous loss of inner breast mound fullness.
  • loss of the medial cleavage.
  • loss of the upper pole breast fullness.
  • asymmetry in the breast mound shape, size, and positioning.
  • enlargement of the areola diameter
  • asymmetry in the areola shape and positioning.

How Much Does Surgery Cost?

The price of a breast lift varies depending on the level of sagging and whether or not implants are used. As such, the cost varies between $7,000 to $8,000 and a breast lift with implants ranges from $8,000 to $12,000.

Why Choose Expert Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mowlavi?

Dr. Mowlavi is well regarded in Orange County for his natural and consistently superior results. Optimum results are attained by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your breast shape and position, detailed measurements of your medial and lateral breast pole lengths, as well as, consideration of the nipple shape, size, and positioning. Customizing your surgical plan allows Dr. Mowlavi to address your specific surgical needs and goals.

Patients who desire an increase in volume (fullness) in addition to a lift are encouraged to consider a simultaneous Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation procedure which can correct both sagging and fullness by utilizing an implant placement during your lift.

Patients who desire a large decrease in breast volume in addition to correction of the sagging tissues, may benefit from breast reduction surgery. In order to determine which breast procedure is ideal for you, a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi is advised. Following a comprehensive breast evaluation, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which breast procedure is ideal for you.

Breast Lift Results

A 48 year old female one month post mommy makeover with bilateral breast lift and mini tummy tuck surgery. Patient has improved her overall silhouette following breast and body contouring.
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FAQ Breast Lift

Recovery time on a breast lift with implants 2020-05-29T15:11:53-07:00

You should take at least 10 days off (meaning two weekends) at a minimum prior to going back to work regardless of level of activity at your job. If you have a more physical job where you must lift heavy objects with your arms, you may consider taking up to 4 weeks off.

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Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift with strings? 2020-05-29T15:11:08-07:00

Internal breast lifts have been described using threads to pull the breast up. However, the verdict is still out whether this provides a stable lift as the threads will eventually give out and the breast will likely fall again. This is in contrast to the gold standard lifts which actually move the nipple to a higher position on the breast by cutting around the areola and resewing higher on the breast mound.

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How many procedures can you get at the same time?2020-05-29T15:10:28-07:00

Multiple surgeries are routinely performed simultaneously especially for patients who have lost a lot of weight such as a total body lift which may include upper body lift, tummy tuck, lower body lift, brachioplasty, medial thigh tuck in addition to the breast lift. In general, as long as your surgery is kept to under 8 hours and you are healthy, you should have a safe surgery.

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I want to get a breast lift but I’m afraid I don’t have much to work with.2020-05-29T15:05:06-07:00

If you are worried that you don’t have enough volume to get the desired size you want, you should consider getting an implant or having fat grafting performed.

If you want to have breast augmentation with fat grafting you cannot have a lift at the same time; if you want a lift and more volume, you should consider:

1) stage a breast lift and then have fat transfer after 6 months.

2) simultaneous surgery with a breast lift and implants.

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Can a benelli lift be converted to a vertical lift without raising the nipples?2020-05-29T15:04:10-07:00

Benelli Lift converted to vertical lift

You can have your Benelli lift converted to a vertical lift without lifting your nipples; poor areola scarring and suboptimal lifts are a common problem with the donut lifts such as the Benelli lift. The scars from a Benelli or donut lift can be corrected with a vertical lift which does not necessarily have to elevate your nipples signficicanlty.

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What’s the cause and what is the solution to avoid boxy lifts?2020-05-29T15:03:20-07:00

The reason breast lifts may appear boxy in the begining is because your surgeon is trying to avoid a bottomed out look; it takes approxiamtely 6 months for the bottom of the breast to relax and stretch out; thus most surgeons tighten the lower breast pole purposely so that once your lower breast pole relaxes it doesn’t look too pronounced, termed bottomed out. So when you look at the photos, if they are boxy, they were probably taken prior to the six month mark.

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How do I find or search a cosmetic surgeon whom specializes in breast lift without implants?2020-05-29T15:02:34-07:00

What you are wanting is a breast lift specialist who maximizes your upper pole fullness without the need for an implant; this is done in two ways:

1)leaving the bulk of the breast tissue above the nipple without resection so that this results in upper pole fullness.

2)stitching up the breast pedicle up on the chest wall so that it does not fall down.

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How soon after breast lift surgery can you get medical tattoos to cover the scars? 2020-05-29T15:01:41-07:00

Incision lines will mature at one year. As a result I would not consider tattooing any incision lines until then.

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What is considered a good candidate for a crescent lift without implants? 2020-05-29T15:00:21-07:00

A crescent lift is the worst lifting technique as it results in suboptimal lift and poor areola scarring but can be used for minimal nipple asymmetry when one nipple is less than 1 cm lower than the other. Otherwise, the vertical mastopexy is my favorite for routine lifts when implants are also required and the inferior pedicle when no implants are required.

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Is there a high risk of losing your nipples if you have a second breast lift without knowing where the original cut was?2020-05-29T14:59:07-07:00

As long as you wait 6 months, you should be fine to have another breast lift, regardless of the incision lines used. This is because the nipple and areola will re-establish a new blood supply. However, it is a good policy to know the incisions used previously in order to design the revision lift to be least intrusive to previously performed cuts.

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What can I do to significantly reduce my hypertrophic scars after a breast lift?2020-05-29T14:58:17-07:00

How well your incisions heal is based on many factors including: tightness of skin when incision lines were closed, type of suture used, and how your body heals. There are many products available designed to improve the appearance of scars, such as Biocorneum or Silagen. These products are topical silicone that is the only proven scar prevention available and should be used starting at one month once the steri-strips fall off. The topical silicone can be used for two months after the steri-strips fall off. Intense pulse light can also be offered to patients who have incision line redness at three months. If these products and procedure do not achieve the desired result, a surgical scar revision may be indicated and can benefit the appearance, reposition the incision line, and possibly achieve more lift to the breast if necessary.

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Does my breast shape and size affect the type of breast lift?2020-05-29T14:57:37-07:00

It can. Don’t agree to a breast lift procedure before you have had your breasts examined thoroughly by a plastic surgeon and discussed what he or she feels would get you your desired results and the best outcome.

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I want to get a breast lift and wondering if it can be possible to get a nice shape with no implants?2020-05-29T14:56:52-07:00

Yes! It is absolutely possible to achieve a youthful, voluptuous shape with a breast lift procedure  alone. A breast lift can be done with implant augmentation if more breast volume is desired.

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When having a breast reduction/lift, is it better to have an anchor incision or a lollipop incision?2020-05-29T14:48:27-07:00

This is an excellent question and a point of confusion for many patients. “Anchor” incision vs “lollipop” incision is an important decision and requires discussion with your plastic surgeon. You have to realize that a breast lift is a glorified “hemming out” of your sagging breast tissues; whether you need a lollipop or anchor incision is dependent on how much excess and sagging tissues are being removed, and what breast shape and volume you are aiming for. If you have only horizontal fullness then a “lollipop” incision alone will suffice. If you also have vertical fullness, i.e. breasts are too long, then an anchor incision will be required. Sometimes a “J” incision only is required when the medial pole is tight but the lateral pole is loose.

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What should I have done for more upper fullness in my breasts?2020-05-29T14:47:49-07:00

A breast lift can certainly restore upper pole fullness. Whether you get a breast lift alone or breast lift with implant is based on your desired final breast shape. You’ll want to consider a breast sizing consultation with a breast specialist.

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