As the years go by, your once perky and full breasts can begin to deflate and droop for any number of reasons like: pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or aging. The only truly effective way to combat sagging breasts is with plastic surgery. A Breast Lift procedure creates a more youthful appearance by removing excess, droopy skin, moving the nipple upward and redistributing breast tissue to achieve the desired shape.

In my practice, I encounter a lot of patients who are worried about the incision lines and scarring when considering Breast Lift Surgery. Some patients demand no incisions at all claiming that they have seen a plastic surgeon who can magically raise their nipple and areola using just an internal stitch. Well, let me tell you that I have tried such a stitch and it lifts the nipple only minimally and is absolutely not a substitute for a traditional, full lift. Often, If something sounds to good to be true, it likely is not true!

I would like to give a warning to anyone who has been recommended a breast lift technique called the doughnut, Benelli, or peri-areolar lift. This technique has been touted as a lift technique that avoids the need for vertical and horizontal incisions. The doughnut technique uses an incision line that is limited to surrounding the areola. Unfortunately, trying to perform a lift through this type of incision can result in several disadvantages:

  1. Suboptimal lift : will only gain you 1 to 2 cm of lift
  2. Poor areola scarring: all the tension is placed on a purse string repair
  3. Sun burst stretch marks: looks like sun rays extending out from the areola.



I usually recommend the vertical mastopexy procedure, described previously, which utilizes a vertical incision to transfer tension away from the areola and down onto your lower breast region. This ensures a well healed peri-areolar incision line. In addition, it routinely provides more aggressive lifting of 3 to 6cm allowing for an optimal lift. And finally, it also allows for the simultaneous placement of implants when increased breast size is also desired. Scroll down to view before and after patient photos.

Breast Lift: Before & After Photos

Pictured above: Various patients demonstrating successful breast lift results.

Upon initial consultation, a comprehensive evaluation of your breast shape and position, detailed measurements, and nipple shape, size, and positioning, will take place. Customizing your surgical plan allows Dr. Mowlavi to address your specific surgical needs and goals.

Patients who desire an increase in volume (fullness) in addition to a lift are encouraged to consider a simultaneous Breast Lift with Implant Augmentation procedure which can correct both sagging and fullness by utilizing an implant placement during your lift. Patients who need a large decrease in breast volume in addition to a lift may benefit from breast reduction surgery. In order to determine which breast procedure is ideal for you, please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi.