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Breast Lift: What is Cooper’s Ligaments?

The most common breast aging and post-pregnancy and breastfeeding complaint that I hear is, “Why do my breasts look saggy and deflated?” This phenomenon of your breasts deflating and becoming saggy is related to suspensory ligaments. We call these ligaments Cooper’s ligaments. Think of Cooper’s ligaments as supporting cables that extend from your muscles, through your glands, and attach to your skin.

cooper's ligaments

The technique used today for breast lift surgery focuses on retaining all of your tissues underneath the skin. A surgeon will raise your nipple and areola to an optimal position. Only the skin is trimmed out in order to bring back your youthful breast skin appearance.
Following a breast lift surgery you should expect:
1) optimal nipple and areola position
2) ideal areola diameter (ranges between 4 to 5cm)
3) medial cleavage
4) upper pole fullness
5) perky breasts with a youthful skin appearance.

To rejuvenate your breast appearance by having a breast lift procedure, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi. If you are unsure regarding whether you would benefit from having a breast implant augmentation at the same time as your lift, you will have the opportunity to discuss this with Dr. Mowlavi following your personalized breast sizing session during your initial consultation. You may also book a virtual consultation to discuss the importance of Cooper’s ligaments with Dr. Laguna. At your initial consultation, Dr. Laguna will give you a complete physical assessment with your personal HDL Body Scale score. After that, your surgical plan will be made to completely reduce the excess fat and redundant skin. Some ways we address skin redundancy in the breasts include fat grafting to the breasts, breast implants, reverse tummy tuck, or a traditional breast lift.

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