Breast Lift Before and After Photos

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Breast lift surgery was created to address all breast sagging concerns. Suboptimal breast mound shape, position, and drooping of the nipples can occur as part of the natural aging process. This procedure strives to reposition the nipple-areola complex back to the center of the breast mound as well as to lift your breast mound to a more aesthetically pleasing height. Breast lift surgery utilizes architectural maneuvers leveraged to achieve the above goals by strategically removing redundant skin, but preserving breast tissue that is repositioned to a higher more desirable chest position. If a reduction in breast size is desired, breast tissue can be removed strategically to achieve your desired goals.

Before and after results below demonstrate correction of nipple sagging, breast mound drooping, and improvement in overall breast shape and symmetry. A consultation with Dr. Mowlavi will help you appreciate how your breasts can be rejuvenated with breast lift surgery.

Breast lift – What to look for

Breast lift before and after photos must demonstrate improved over all symmetry and resolution of nipple and areola sagging. Specifically, patients should expect full breast mounds with medial cleavage and upper pole fullness. The lower pole of the breast should be slightly flat up to three months prior to rounding out in order to avoid bottoming  out side effect observed in breast lifts where the lower pole is not appropriately tightened. The nipple and areola complex should be centralized on the newly created breast mound. Additionally, the incision lines which span around the areola, down vertically and variably along the inframammary crease should be healed well. Incision line fading will require six months to a year. Finally, the breast should be optimally sized so that they are harmonious with the patient’s shoulder width, patient’s height, and size of the buttock. The wider the shoulders, taller the patient, and the larger the bottom, the larger the breast to maintain optimal proportions.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

60 year old female following bilateral breast lift surgery with differential removal of breast tissue to correct breast size asymmetry as well as breast sag. Patient demonstrates improvement in breast contour with resolution of breast asymmetry, improvement in breast cleavage and improved upper pull fullness.

58 year old female from 5 months following bilateral breast lift to correct breast mound and nipple sagging.

48 year old female 1 month following mommy make over with bilateral breast lift and mini tummy tuck surgery. Patient has improved her overall silhouette following breast and body contouring.

32 year old female 1 month following a lateral breast lift.

39 year old female status post bilateral breast augmentation with lift with moderate profile 270 cc silicone implants.

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