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Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is by far the most popular surgical procedure there is. This increased demand has lead to implant companies making every sort of implant a patient could imagine!

The optimal breast implant should provide the ideal breast shape that matches your unique body shape and size. The drawback of having so many options is that many patients have a difficult time understanding which implant is best for their body and which will achieve their desired goal. In this article, I will discuss how you can select the right implant shape for your body. Click on these links for more information about breast implant size or to browse our other breast augmentation articles.

This image demonstrates the various shapes of implants that have the same fill volume of 350cc. The left implant is high profile, the middle medium profile, and the right is lower profile.

When choosing a breast implant shape, there are a couple of important measurements to consider. One is the base width, which is the overall diameter of the implant. The other thing to consider is the projection or how tall the implant is. Breast implants that are considered “High Profile” have a narrow base and a generous projection. This style will give your breasts a full perky Barbie doll look – like the fembots from Austin Powers. A high profile doesn’t mean that the implants sit high on your chest, it means they project forward the most.

“Low Profile” breast implants have a wider base and lower projection to create a flatter, wider, less projected breast. These implants are best for patients who have a narrower, more tubular breast shape. Despite the hype surrounding high profile implants, 99% of women look best with Moderate Profile implants which have a more balanced base and projection, thus providing a very natural look.

How do you choose the best breast implant shape for you?

Start by considering your natural breast shape. If your breasts are narrow for your chest size, and tubular, choose a lower profile implant to give you more breast mound width. However, if your breasts are wider with poor projection, choose a higher profile implant with more projection. If you have pendulous or drooping breasts with nipples near the bottom of your breasts, you may also require a breast lift in order to lift them up for a perkier look. Since a breast lift will superimpose the bottom of your breast to the middle of your breast by virtue of a lift, you don’t want to add further projection as it will look unnatural. In this case, a more moderate profile implant will suffice. Just remember that most patients have a moderately sized breast mound and will be best treated by a moderate profile breast implant.

Patient Photos: Before & After

breast lift procedure

A Breast Lift with moderate profile implants.


Breast Augmentation with moderate profile implants.


A Breast Reconstruction with high profile implants.

If you are interested in Breast Augmentation surgery, then a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mowlavi is advised. Following a comprehensive breast evaluation, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding which procedure and implant type are ideal for you.

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“I can’t give Dr. Mowlavi, James, Claudia and the rest of his staff enough praise! Dr. Mowlavi isn’t just my doctor but a family friend now. He performed a breast augmentation on me but really he helped me in so many ways other than the surgery. I went in there so insecure and he has helped me feel, think and look like a confident woman. He gave me exactly what I asked for and his whole staff helped along the way. He gave me specific, easy and clear directions all along the way to attain the goal that we both set together. I am 6 months post-op and I am so happy with my results. He has done work on my mom, sister-in-law and soon my sister too. He knows exactly what he is doing and isn’t happy until his patients are happy!”

“I recently had surgery that I am extremely happy with! He did a breast augmentation, liposuction of the inner thighs arms stomach, back and also fat grafting. I am very happy with my breast implants and the sizing the Doctor helped me pick out was perfect for my body shape. My husband is in the U.S. Marine Corps and this was a big push for the end of the year Marine Ball where the ladies can get all dolled up and honor their men.

I have never felt so beautiful and self-confident like I did that night! What I am most happy with is the fat grafting to the buttocks. I now feel so powerful when I slip on jeans or a tight black dress. Dr. Mowlavi is excellent and a perfectionist. He certainly made me feel beautiful and heard all of my issues before going into surgery. I was terrified of going under before surgery but James and Monica looked me in the eyes rubbed my head and said everything will be just fine. I really felt cared for! The rest of the staff has been AWESOME too! Let’s just say Dr. Mowlavi is my go-to! I am a VERY HAPPY patient!”

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