Male Brazilian Butt Lift – The Male BBL

Male Brazilian Butt Lift – The Male BBL

Male Brazilian Butt Lift – Male BBL

Difference between Female and Male BBL – Male But Lift Procedure

A Brazilian Butt Lift for men is quite different than a female Brazilian Butt Lift. This results from the inherent aesthetic and anatomical differences between the male and female buttocks. Generally speaking, the female butt is more fluffy and full overall. During a female Brazilian Butt Lift, we fill the lateral buttocks along the upper, middle, and lower regions. We may even fill the lateral hips. The goal is to round out the female buttocks. In contrast, male butts are more square in shape. During a male Brazilian Butt Lift (male BBL), we fill only the upper lateral gluteus medius muscle and sometimes the lower lateral subcutaneous region to square off that region of the buttocks. In a male, we avoid the injection of fat into the lateral dimple in order to maintain a more muscular and masculine shape.

Another key difference in the male BBL is is the addition of fat to the central buttocks. In females, we add fat to the central buttocks because this action increases projection—the desired outcome. In males, we do not because increased projection is not aesthetically appealing.

The male butt needs to be firm, rather than squishy like the female butt. It also needs to be bold but flat. In summary, the female butt after a BBL should look like a ball, truly epitomizing the term “bubble butt”, whereas the male butt should look like a butterfly, with its wings more prominent in upper lateral and lower regions, resulting in a square shape that the male BBL requires.

Safety Concerns of Removing Fat in Men for The Male BBL

In general, surgeons performing BBL procedures today avoid intramuscular fat grafting because of concerns of fat emboli. This issue has been isolated to the entry of fat into the large buttock perforators called the inferior and superior arteries. These arteries are found in the center of the buttocks adjacent to the piriformis muscle, which is located in the central buttocks under the gluteus Maximus. This is key for the safe male BBL.

In contrast, we find the gluteus medius in the upper lateral region and is far from the culprit perforator. So, although we avoid fat injection in muscles for females because of deaths following embolization, in males we are able to perform intramuscular fat injection in the gluteus medius lateral region. This is because this grafting modality has not been associated with any incidences of fat emboli. Thus, it has proven safe. 

Male BBL Outcomes

Because we put fat inside the buttock muscle in male Brazilian Butt Lifts, it creates strong, bold buttocks that result in a shelf above the buttocks. This allows for men to wear jeans without them sagging or falling off of their butt. After a Brazilian Butt Lift for men, the buttocks will be firm and well-shaped. If you want to have the butt of your dreams, please book a free consultation with Dr. Laguna.

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Dr. Laguna Male Butt Lift Surgery – The Male BBL

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