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How to Avoid Tummy Tuck Complications

There are two deformities that are most common after tummy tuck surgery: “Double Bubble” and “Dog Ears.” How can you avoid these two tummy tuck complication issues? By booking your surgery with Dr. Mowlavi! Here he explains how his unique approach to tummy tuck surgery ensures a perfect result.

What Are Double Bubble and Dog Ears?

Double bubble as on of the tummy tuck complications can be seen in this illustration on the left. It involves the flanks/love handles and lower thighs projecting further out, and a dip between the two—thus creating a “double bubble,” as compared to the Hour Glass Figure illustration seen on the right.

tummy tuck complications
Double Bubble
no tummy tuck complications
Hourglass Figure

Dog Ears refer to the upper bubble when the flank area pouts out to the sides. This can sometimes be present before a tummy tuck procedure, but if the procedure is not performed correctly, it can become even more prominent. This can be seen in the image to the right.

Tummy tuck complications are avoidable!

tummy tuck complications location

How Does Dr. Mowlavi Avoid Tummy Tuck Complications During Surgery?

To avoid  the Double Bubble after a tummy tuck and to give you that perfect Hour Glass Figure, we focus more on both the flanks and thighs, as both need special attention. To determine what you need to have done to supplement the traditional tummy tuck, we have to make two considerations to avoid tummy tuck complications:

  • If your lateral thighs are tight, and you don’t have extra skin on the lateral upper buttocks:
    •  We do liposuction of the flanks during a tummy tuck.
  • If your lateral thighs are loose and you have extra skin on the lateral upper buttocks:
    • First, we correct this by extending the tummy tuck excision laterally. Then we cut out the extra skin in addition to liposuctioning the area. We call this the extended tummy tuck.

This is how we determine what kind of surgery you may need and how to get the results you are after. In order to determine if you could take advantage of this affordable procedure and avoid tummy tuck complications, please fill out the contact form to the right, and come see us for a consultation!

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