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What Breast Implant Size Should You Choose, Plastic Surgery Orange County

Breast Implant Illness Explained

Introduction to Breast Implant Illness The two types of breast implants used today are saline and silicone implants. Interestingly, breast implants continue to become increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry. Within the last year alone, more than 375,000 females underwent breast augmentation surgery. Of these patients, nearly a quarter required implant augmentation for reconstructive surgery …

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Liposuction Recovery

Factors determining liposuction recovery Areas of liposuction Volume of liposuction Simultaneous Tucking Procedure Internal healing capacity Areas of Liposuction In general, the more invasive and more complex or involved the procedure, the longer the recovery expected. This is related to the number of areas that are being liposuctioned which can include one or more of …

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Buttocks Enhancement Plastic Surgeon Orange County

Maximizing Buttock Augmentation: Butt Implant and BBL

Maximizing Buttock Augmentation: Butt Implant and BBL Options At this time, buttocks augmentation is the fastest growing sector in body contouring. This trend is likely to continue, and may one day surpass breast augmentation in popularity. As of now, experts know of two definitive techniques of maximizing buttock augmentation. The first buttock augmentation technique involves …

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Congenital Breast Deformity

Congenital Breast Deformity: The Best Treatment

Congenital Breast Deformity: The Best Treatment Treating Congenital Breast Deformity The best treatment for congenital breast deformity requires independent breast mound evaluation with a customized surgical design. Independent breast mound evaluation will require detailing the breast mound size and shape, breast skin texture, as well as nipple and areola positioning+, shape, and size. If you …

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Buttock Implant Removal and Fat Grafting

  Buttock Implant Removal and Fat Grafting Introduction to Buttock Implant Removal and Buttock Fat Grafting Buttock implant removal and buttock fat grafting is a highly desired cosmetic procedure. Patients with buttock implant augmentation may experience two common side effects that result in their desire to remove their implants. Unfortunately, implant removal will result in …

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The Truth About Coolsculpting, Orange County, Plastic Surgery

The Truth About Coolsculpting

The Truth About Coolsculpting Lately, companies have branded and popularized various minimally-invasive fat loss methods like freezing, heating or injection. One such company is Coolsculpting which touts the ability to “freeze” unwanted fat away without surgery. But, unfortunately, “too good to be true” procedures like Coolsculpting are just gimmicks that provide sub-optimal results. Don’t waste your time …

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