Picking the right butt implant is important not only for aesthetic purposes but also to prevent any complications. Many patients ask us if they should choose round or oval implants. Here are the pros and cons:

  • Round implants:
    • Most ideal because they reduce the risk for implants rotation.
    • For patients who are young and active; the round implants will not rotate and patients will not have to worry about any future deformities.
    • Provides fullness laterally making the buttocks more round giving that bubble butt appearance.
  • Oval implants:
    • Do not provide as much width and missing the lateral cheek filling.
    • Risk of implants rotating and future deformities.
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Oval Implant

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Round Implant

On your initial consultation, an exact measurement of buttock cheeks is needed in order to determine the diameter of implant that will fit and provide the best buttocks projection. There are three brands of implants currently available on the market and available in our office:  

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Dr. Mowlavi will work with you to determine which shape will best suit your body. His attention to detail and artistic eye will ensure that your procedure is performed flawlessly and gives you the result that you desire. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options for buttocks enhancement.