The bubble butt refers to a voluptuous buttocks that is full all the way around; not only does it have pronounced projection, but it also demonstrates fullness laterally making it round, like a “bubble”. This is in contrast to most butts which actually are lacking lateral fullness as demonstrated by a lateral cheek dimple; although this dimple has been traditionally considered attractive, more women are seeking fullness and roundness laterally; a buttocks that would best fit into “apple bottom” jeans.

How to get a bubble butt?

To get a bubble butt will require transforming a “double bubble” body shape to a “bubble butt”. The double bubble refers to projection of love handles and lateral thigh prominence above and below the lateral hip concavity as demonstrated below. This is visible not only from the back but also when observed from the front.

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Instead, we would like to have fullness in the hip. We remove the unwanted fat from the love handles and prominent lateral thighs and then transfer the fat to the lateral hip region to recreate the hourglass shape. The hourglass shape refers to the single prominent curve of the hip region that is in contrast to the previous “double bubble” appearance.

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Patients travel to our office in Laguna Beach from across the country and desire transformation of their double bubble into a bubble butt with a smaller waist. The bubble butt is perfectly wide in all directions and appears more rounded and full. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery helps achieve this bubble butt shape that most patients are seeking for by providing more volume both in the central buttocks cheek as well as the lateral hip areas. In order to maximize fat transfer to the buttocks and hip region, Dr. Mowlavi removes all of the available fat from your body no just your love handles and lateral thighs.

On your initial consultation, available fat harvest regions are tallied and may include:

  1. Upper arms
  2. Upper back and axilla
  3. Middle and lower back
  4. Lateral flanks and love handles
  5. Abdomen and pubic region
  6. Lateral thighs
  7. Medial thighs and knees

If there is not enough fat to harvest, then a buttocks implant can be used to supplement fat graft transfer. The buttocks implant will provide central volume and fat can be used to supplement both the central as well as lateral hip region. Fat grafting and/or buttocks implants are used to give patients the central and lateral volume fill needed to ensure the bubble butt shape.

Plastic Surgeon Orange County

42 year old female demonstrating of “bubble butt” creation and elimination of “double butt” appearance.

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