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Advancements in Gummy Bear Breast Implants

When it comes to gummy bears, you probably think of the cute and colorful sweet treat. But the gummy bears discussed here are sugar-free and will make you look great!

The Gummy Bear Breast Implant

The gummy bear breast implant refers to a silicone implant with a firmer jelly on the inside than traditional silicone implants. To begin with, free silicone molecules make up the inside jelly of the implant. The integrity or firmness of the jelly can be altered by cross-linking the silicone molecules. The more cross-linking, the firmer the jelly. By maximizing crosslinking you can create a solid which is what makes up the shell or outside casing of the implant.

Traditionally, the crosslinking of silicone molecules and thus, the jelly inside of the implant has been made to feel soft and squishy, much like breast tissue. Concerns of microscopic leakage of silicone molecules through the shell with subsequent capsular contracture (when internal scar tissue forms a constricting capsule around the breast implant, causing it to become misshapen and hard), as well as, visual wrinkling of the skin over wrinkles on the implant (termed rippling) have motivated implant companies to increase the crosslinking of the silicone to make the jelly firmer. This firmer jelly now feels more like a gummy bear, which is why many refer to these implants as a gummy implant.

Cohesive Inspira Implants

To date, the use of gummy implants was limited to implants that were shaped like a teardrop and called an anatomic implant. Although this implant proved successful in preventing rippling and minimized capsular contracture, it had limitations due to its shaped form.

Younger and more active patients had to fear rotation of the implant which resulted in breast deformity and the need for revision. Clinically, only a few degrees of rotation resulted in a visual breast deformity that required revision. As such, most patients are not a candidate for this implant

Fortunately, earlier this year, Allergan corporation finally introduced potentially the finest implant yet, called the Cohesive Inspira gel implant, which is a gummy implant with a round shell that does not have the limitations previously observed. Its round shape allows the implant to rotate at will, without the worry of affecting breast shape. This new implant also reduces the rippling that leads to wrinkling and minimizes the risk of capsular contracture.

To see and feel the new Cohesive Inspira implants, please book a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi.

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“Dr. Mowlavi is great my wife and I have been tossing and turning on whether to have implants done. We finally came into the office and met with Dr. Mowlavi. He said he will be more than happy to help. He recommended that we wait until our daughter is 100% off nursing and my wife’s chest return to normal size. Dr. Mowlavi said he will do an amazing job but it may require time before he will use implants. I appreciate the honesty and integrity of this man. My mother-in-law went to Dr. Mowlavi and she looks amazing. Not only was Dr fair on pricing his work is second to none.”

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